Note: The 447 is no longer in production and is not available new.

Frequently I have used, overhauled 447's available, please call for availability.

picture shows Rotax 447 UL SCDI with "B" - gearbox, electric starter, airfilter, single carburetor (1V)The Rotax 447 Engine comes complete with carburetor, fuel pump, factory tuned exhaust, tool kit and owners manual.

The Rotax 447 engine is the perfect engine for the high performance Ultralight aircraft.  The 447 is fast becoming the standard of the industry by which other engines are compared.  This engine was manufactured with quality European craftsmanship using the most modern technology in two stroke engine design.  Rotax reliability is unparalleled with any engine in the industry - just ask any person who owns a Rotax powered aircraft and you too will be moving up to Rotax.


For a diagram of the Rotax 447UL,
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Type: 447 UL - 1V
  447 UL - 2V
Performance (447 UL - 1V): 29,5 kW (39,6 hp) @ 6500 1/min(rpm)
(447 UL - 2V): 31,0 kW (41,6 hp) @ 6500 1/min(rpm)
Torque (447 UL - 1V): 44 Nm (32,5 ft.) @ 6000 1/min (rpm)
  (447 UL - 2V): 47 Nm (34,7 ft.) @ 6000 1/min (rpm)
Max. RPM: 6800 1/min (rpm)
Bore: 67,5 mm (2,66 in.)
Stroke: 61 mm (2,40 in.)
Displacement: 436,5 cm3 (26,64
Compression ratio: th: 9,6
  ef: 6,3
Ignition unit: DUCATI single CDI
Ignition timing: 18 v. OT
Spark plugs: ROTAX part no. 897.055
Generator performance: 155 W DC @ 6000 1/min
Voltage: 13,5 V



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