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* All used engines that have been overhauled or torn down and inspected by Heavenbound Aviation have a 1 year warranty, unlimited hours.  This warranty does exclude owner abuse such as lack of lubrication or lean siezure.


Rotax 503 zero time:  503 DCDI fully rebuilt to zero time including new crankshaft, new 1st over pistons, cylinders bored, all tin blasted and painted, dual carb, carbs rebuilt and all jets replaced, new side mount exhaust included. Crated and ready to ship.  $3500

Rotax 447:  Two rotax 447's in stock. Waiting for inspection.  Coming soon! If you need one, please let me know I can bump it up the roster.
Rotax 582: Three 582's in stock.  One grey head that was new, never ran.  Torn down for inspection and reseal.  All gaskets and seals replaced, water pump seal updated to ceramic, crankshaft seals updated to Viton.  Better than new!  $3000  Also in stock, another grey head, new never ran, waiting for inspection and reseal, and a blue head, supposedly has 80 hours, logs were a little suspicious.  Waiting for inspection.
Rotax E gearbox, new: Brand new Rotax E box 2.62 ratio.  Ordered for an engine upgrade but would not fit in cowl, had to use a B gearbox.  This gearbox was installed and filled with oil, but never ran.  $1950 stand alone.  $1750 added to an engine purchased here, new or used.
Rotax Electric Start: (used) OEM Rotax electric start upgrade to any engine purchased here, $400.  2 available.
Challenger tall redrive and engine mount:  6 lord mount style engine mount for 447/503, and tall drive.  $1200
Other miscellaneous parts available, please email if you need a part.




updated 10/18/13






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